Camp Scandinavia - part of Allard Support

Camp Scandinavia is a product development and sales company in the Allard Support for Better Life group. Allard Support currently has about 400 employees around the world. The global head office is in Helsingborg on the same site Camp Scandinavia moved to just over 50 years ago. Here, you can find our warehouse and support functions such as customer support, finance, marketing, HR and IT. 

Within Allard Support, different companies are responsible for everything from product development to production and sales. Camp Scandinavia is the centre of our product development and Scandinavian sales organisation. In the USA, the UK and Ireland, our subsidiaries - Allard USA and Allard UK- handle sales. In other parts of the world, we operate under Allard International. In Finland, you can also find Camp Mobility - our sales organisation for mobile aids such as wheelchairs, beds, cranes, walkers, and oxygen equipment.

In China, all textile orthoses are produced; in Ireland, we manufacture Boston Brace; in Malmö, there is Allard Manufacturing, our production unit for carbon fibre orthoses.

The Camp name also lives on in the Group's clinical operations. Camp Pro is based at Sophiahemmet in Stockholm and has additional orthopaedic clinics in Stockholm, Södertälje, Uppsala and Skåne. In Finland and Denmark, the clinical operations are conducted under Camp Clinic. 

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