Cardio harjoituksia halvauksen jälkeen

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Harjoitus 5. Cardio

In today's episode, we show exercises for people who are in a wheelchair or have difficulty walking and want to train their fitness in a seated position.

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Harjoitus 4. Cardio

In today's episode, we show you exercises that are aimed at those who are more advanced in their fitness training. You need to be able to stand up from a chair repeatedly and have one or two thoughtful hands to carry a weight.

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Harjoitus 3. Cardio

In today's episode, the focus is on getting your heart rate up by using the larger muscle groups.

As a tool we will use a staircase or step board.

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Harjoitus 2. Cardio

Cardio harjoitus stepperin avulla. Harjoitus toimii myös mainiosti kirjojen tai steppilaudan avulla.

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Harjoitus 1. Cardio

Cardio harjoitus ja kohdistettu lihasharjoittelu yhdistettynä kuntopyöräilyyn.