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Camp Scandinavia / Allard Support acquires Suomen Ortotiikka & Protetiikka Oy

On December 1st  Allard Support for better life AB, known as Camp Scandinavia in the Nordic countries, acquires all the shares in Suomen Ortotiikka & Protetiikka Oy (S.O.P)

The companies have known each other for some years, and about a year ago Camp and S.O.P started to have discussions regarding an acquisition of this Finnish O&P provider, with head office in Kuopio.  From the first meeting when the discussions started it was very evident that the companies shared the same values regarding providing the most optimal solution for each patient that can provide Support for better life. 

The timing of the acquisition is very good as the Finnish rehab and orthopaedic market are facing a lot changes. Both concerning how the products is being paid for as well as the overall market situation. Exactly one year ago, (1st of December 2015) Camp Scandinavia took ovr the distribution of Invacare in Finland. Now S.O.P will help Camp OY to build up its third leg in Finland, next to traditional Camp products (orthotics) and Camp Mobility. Camps vision in Finland is to make it easier for the patient in the healthcare chain to receive the right aid with the right support with as little friction as possible that will be equally beneficial for the patient as well as the payer.  We have shown with the birth of Camp Mobility and the new Camp Patient Care that we are ready to invest in the Finnish market. A few years ago we did not think that we were going to have 30+ people working in Camp OY but due to Situation (Difficulties in finding the right partnerships in Finland for our products lately but with some exceptions) Opportunity (The possibility to take over the distribution for one of the world leading Rehab manufacturer and acquire an established Patient Care company) and Dedication (to give Support for better life) we have decided to increase our presence in Finland.